LCBCS is the old members society of Lincoln College Boat Club, Oxford.

Rowing is free for all members of Lincoln College. Operational costs such as coaching and race entries are covered by the College. However, these expenses leave little to spare for the purchase of boats and oars. That is where we come in.

The Lincoln College Boat Club Society pays for two thirds of all boats, oars, and other equipment used by the Boat Club.  The remaining funding is provided by the College. By doing this, the Society does its bit to keep rowing free for all members of Lincoln College, encourage full participation in the sport, and promote success for the College in University bumps racing.

In addition to this, the Society committee meet with the Boat Club committee twice a year to discuss the clubs progress, upcoming requirements, and share the vast experience held in the Society committee gained over many decades.

To achieve this, the Society depends on the generosity of its members. Membership is inexpensive, and members are invited to the annual Society dinner held on the Saturday of Summer Eights at Lincoln College.  Join today to help ensure that the students of Lincoln continue to thrive in rowing.